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Meet The Founder

Dr. Denise McKaig-Phillips, Ed.D, 

Doctor in Educational Leadership
Licensed Professional Counselor/ Certified Rehabilitation Counselor/ Licensed School Counselor/Life Coach/Author
Kundalini Yogi

Dr. Denise McKaig-Phillips, CRC, LPC is National Board Certified and State Licensed Professional Counselor, Rehabilitation Provider, and School Counselor in Virginia, who works with adolescents and adults who have difficulty feeling satisfied in living life to their fullest potential. Denise has extensive experience in working with clients to acquire the tools and skills necessary to meet their goals with an eclectic treatment approach. Denise earned her dual Master's degree in Rehabilitation/School Counseling from Syracuse University and her Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Shenandoah University.

Denise treats women and adolescents/young adults who are experiencing symptoms of trauma, depression, anxiety, grief, relationship & women's issues, PTSD, ADHD, and life-stage challenges. and evaluates educational/career goals. Denise helps clients identify strengths, reduce symptoms, promote self-growth and awareness, and improve overall well-being.

Denise is an avid beachgoer, who enjoys spending time with her family in Delaware and travels to interesting and fun locations. Denise is inspired by faith, fun, and embracing moments. By working with clients to see their full potential, identify their direction, and assist them in their healing from what they are currently experiencing, success is achieved.

As a married and professional working mother of six adult children (and Nana to two grandsons) I’ve been through the many life stages of a woman. I have enjoyed countless wonderful life experiences and relationships, as well as survived trauma, grief, and loss, all of which has brought me great perspective. I truly believe and have benefitted in my faith and the inherent good of all people, which is what has brought me to where I am today.

My life path has been in educational communities as a learner, teacher, and leader. I have profound gratitude in learning and spending time with a diverse group of people in my life. Throughout this journey I found space with other women to heal, rejuvenate and continue to grow,. I firmly believe this was essential to my dynamic growth and is a central need for all women.  With this essential mindset, I now create and promote learning communities for every woman in mind.  My passion and purpose throughout my life has been providing meaningful service to others, and I am so excited to continue to create opportunities for others.


Professional Bio: Entrepreneur, Educator, Counselor, Author, Group Leader, Blogger, Event Speaker, Yoga Practitioner

I am focused on helping women.  Centering on who they are, and whom they want to become. I provide a comprehensive approach with women throughout all life stages, by providing them space for reflection and learning.  I focus women on being present in their growth process by providing mindful guidance.

I am proud that I have been a working professional throughout my educational journey.  I earned an Associate Degree, Bachelor of Arts, Dual Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation/School Counselor, and ultimately a Doctorate in Educational Leadership. I am a National Board-Certified Rehabilitation Counselor and hold other certifications and licenses in personal growth counseling and kundalini yoga.

After relocating from NY to VA in 2006, I spent 15 years with FCPS as a high school and middle school counselor, ascending to a lead counselor role. I have served in private counseling practices, medical facilities, and community agencies. I have embraced volunteer opportunities from Girl Scouts to State Boards. Throughout all of these experiences, I have grown tremendously and feel inspired to promote opportunities for others to continue to do the same.


"Searching for Ann Marie"
by DeniseMcKaig-Phillips, CRC

How could she really have a sister she has gone her entire childhood without knowing? In Searching for Ann Marie, a life-changing secret begins to control Edies every waking moment until she spends endless hours on the internet, making friends, meeting new people, and exploring until she can find the one person she never knew existed. New Author Denise McKaig reveals the strength and faith of women within the most complex relationships of families in society. Searching for Ann Marie will keep the reader in suspense while providing a soft sense of humor that can be appreciated by any reader."

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