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One to One Client Counseling: Emphasis is on the holistic nature of human function and integrity, with a focus on where the client is stuck and promoting growth beyond their current locus of control. The counseling process involves self-discovery and awareness activities, including: self and social communication; career development; cognitive, behavioral, and emotional support; and pro-active goal setting. Intentional outcomes for clients include increased personal and professional productivity, happiness, wellness, and balance. Counseling hours are virtual 50 minute sessions.


Theoretical Counseling/Coaching Approach - 20+ years of counseling background taught me that no one size fits all approach works when addressing individual needs. I begin counseling/coaching by using theories such as; cognitive, behavioral, interpersonal, motivational, and mindfulness to name a few. The goal is for the client to feel heard, safe, and comfortable in order to move forward on their journey by utilizing skills learned from each counseling/coaching session.

Retreats will be offered in 2024 - stay posted for dates: Offering an intimate retreat setting from Friday-Sunday including 6 nutritious meals. Each retreat weekend consists of small group settings with a focus on rejuvenation, revitalization, self-care, fun, and interaction with other women in a safe, shared space. Activities include: yoga; meditation; group work sessions; and outdoor activities.  Intentional outcomes for the participant include feelings of rest, embraced, authenticity, productivity, and investment in self. 

Community Membership: Participation in a continual online women’s forum and community where discussions are open, goal-directed, respectful, and beneficial to specific life topics. These topics include: life stages; intimacy in relationships; careers; domestic life; mindfulness and physiological themes, community building; and holidays. Resources will be presented in all areas of service including health, wellness, financial, spiritual, holistic healing, and business. Informative podcasts will be accessible from a variety of contributing professionals. 

Speaker Presenter: Scheduling based on availability.

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