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If you are a woman looking for a life-changing practice of healing from the day-to-day demands of life, ready to launch your explorative side into creating the life you dreamed of, while having some fun, then join me at the beach for a heart-felt life design weekend! Are you just needing a break from your demanding job, or to take the time to look at a relationship that is no longer enhancing your life, but draining your energy. If you're feeling frustrated, depressed, or even stuck, it's time to get the clarity you need, while creating a solid plan to move forward. Imagine waking up feeling motivated, energized, and ready to face the day's challenge! Be your own hero of your own story!


I want to teach you, motivate you, and align you with your very own discovery tools to manage your daily life. With my life experiences of being married, divorced, in a blended family, survivor, traveler, resilient, and creative approach to holistic healing, I am an empathic trusting counselor. I offer 1:1 counseling, online classes, small groups of <6 members, an online community with a one-hour coffee chat Thursday mornings at 9:00 a.m., blog, podcasts, and top this all off with monthly 3 day retreat weekends throughout the year. I have 20 years as a certified rehabilitation counselor, I am courageous in working with and for my clients by utilizing my creative strategies in providing my clients with a heart-opening experience.


My services are for women ages 25-80, who are looking for a transformation experience with Limulus Life Solutions. I serve women to empower them in finding their hero within in order to keep going and growing by leveling up with a variety of self-exploration exercises. My services are unlike others out there with my unique experience, education, and diverse background of 20+ years. Limulus Life Solutions is the only women's transformational program that offers a variety of themes to promote self-discovery, healing, and growth in so many ways! Lifehacks for a more fulfilling energetic being!


Please join me for Friday - Sunday retreats where you can enjoy an intimate weekend of growing, glowing, and going with up to six women total, in my home in Lewes, Delaware.

We will have 1:1 time, small group time, delicious meals, and fun activities including but not limited to recreational therapy, music therapy, yoga, meditation, beach therapy, and even a little retail therapy! Pick your weekend, and pick your theme!

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