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Our Story

Limulus Life Solutions was created out of my own life experience. I experienced a transformative (Aha) moment while searching for meaning and purpose in life. A post-pandemic life included; an empty nest after 33 years of raising children, a decision to wrap up a 20+ year career in public education as a school counselor leader, and a lifetime of being a student. Life was changing and evolving and my faith took me on a coastal mid-Atlantic trip to find what I was looking for.


A 2021 visit to the beach provided exactly what I had hoped for, opportunity and clarity in finding meaning and purpose. During a soul-searching coffee on the Bay, I was visited by several horseshoe crabs as I stood ankle-deep in the Atlantic Ocean water. After the experience of several horseshoe crabs swimming around my feet, I had an epiphany. I began to research horseshoe crabs as my spirit animal, to discover the divine symbolic connection that provided clarity.


Horseshoe crabs represent exactly what I had brought up during my recent meditation. Self-preservation first and foremost, protective shield, adaptability, and growth (they grow and home new shells to live in), femininity (the female is larger than the male, stronger gender), moon symbolism, passion, reproduction, nurturing, and resources. Horseshoe crabs have survived for over 500 million years, and humans benefit from their blue blood that enhances longevity and life. It was serendipity! The idea to support women in their lives, where they are, who they are, to enhance their life, and provide them with space and tools to adapt to their own life through change.


The birth of Limulus Life Solutions became a reality in October 2021. My unleashed passion to help women of today work through life issues was evident through my experience. My vision is to create many opportunities for women to feel who they are, where they are in this life while offering respite for everyday struggles and demands. I've created a women’s advocacy program by providing services for self-preservation, growth, opportunity, health, wellness, experience, space, and education for a positive, rejuvenating, and rewarding transformation of life.

Please join me.

Peace, Love, and Understanding.

Dr. D.

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