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Enter to Win a 3 Day Retreat on the Delaware Shore

Enter to Win a 3 Day Retreat

August 1st - August 22nd enter to win a 3 day retreat getaway on the Delaware shore. Drawing will be held live on Facebook on August 23rd.


If you are a woman looking for a life-changing practice of healing from the day-to-day demands of life, ready to launch your explorative side into creating the life you dreamed of, while having some fun, then join me at the beach for a heart-felt life design weekend! Are you just needing a break from your demanding job, or to take the time to look at a relationship that is no longer enhancing your life, but draining your energy. If you're feeling frustrated, depressed, or even stuck, it's time to get the clarity you need, while creating a solid plan to move forward. Imagine waking up feeling motivated, energized, and ready to face the day's challenge! Be your own hero of your own story!


Friday - Sunday retreats where you can enjoy an intimate weekend of growing, glowing, and going with up to six women total, in my home in Lewes, Delaware. Does not include transporation to and from retreat.

We will have 1:1 time, small group time, delicious meals, and fun activities including but not limited to recreational therapy, music therapy, yoga, meditation, beach therapy, and even a little retail therapy! Pick your weekend, and pick your theme!

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